A Preview of What's Coming
Mark 11:23 -"Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him." Tuesday had arrived and the cross was drawing closer and closer. The time was drawing near and yet Jesus still had things to do. He used the withered fig tree to teach His disciples about faith.  He had cursed the fig tree and caused it to wither the day before and now He uses it as an object lesson for His disciples.   What was His point? The power of faith.  If you have faith He said you can move mountains.  Faith produces victory.  This was a lesson that His disciples would definitely need because their faith would soon be severely tested. Soon after teaching on faith, Jesus Himself was tested.   Not like He was in the wilderness,  this time He was tested by the religious leaders.  They wanted to know where His authority came from.  Who gave Him the right to cleanse the temple.  That was their job (of course they weren't doing it), so in their eyes how dare He do what He did.  So in order to trap Him they asked Him basically an unanswerable question that He in turn answered with another question.  (Read all about it in Matthew 21).  They tried to trap Him and ended up trapped.  They tried to defeat Him and they ended up defeated.  They were silenced with no answers and nothing to say. Jesus emerged from their confrontation victorious.   It was a preview of things to come. They thought they had Him but they found out differently.  They thought they had the answers they didn't even know the question. They thought Jesus was defeated they had no idea of the wisdom and power of God.  It was a preview of Sunday.  Again they thought Jesus was defeated.  Good riddance they thought and celebrated.  The rebel,  the trouble maker was dead.  Buried in a borrowed tomb with a huge stone rolled in front.  The movement was over. ..... This Jesus was dead.   Little did they know......... Stones move just as easily as mountains do,  and because of the power of God the dead can be raised.  Jesus wasn't defeated.  Jesus once again emerged victorious.   Up from the grave He arose with a mighty triumph over His foes. Not only those early does but the enemies called death,  hell,  and the grave.  Sin and Satan were defeated as well.   Jesus was victorious.  The disciples didn't know that on Tuesday or on Friday.  But on Sunday they saw it in the most amazing way.   To God be the glory!
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