A World of Falsehood

A World of Falsehood

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4:53 AM

 Colossians 3:4 - "When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory."


Over the past few weeks we have seen many well known people admit that at least part of their lives were a lie.  Manti Te'o had a girlfriend that wasn't real and Lance Armstrong enhanced his performance by taking some sort of illegal supplement.  The baseball world was reminded of falsehood as well as the voted on who would or would not be admitted this year into the baseball hall of fame.  Not a single  person was admitted, many of them denied entrance because it is reported that they used  steroids to enhance their performance.  In other words they pretended to be something that in reality they were  not.

Te'o's situation maybe the most interesting.  Did he know about his "girlfriend" or did he not know.  Did he purposely mislead us for publicities sake?  What did he know and when did he know it?  He has admitted that after he found out she wasn't real that he went along with the game because he "didn’t know what else to do."

When I heard him make that statement my first thought was tell the truth.  That is what you should do.  Be truthful.  I remember my dad telling me when I was very young, "son if you always tell the truth you don't have to worry about what you said."  Good advice isn't it?

Advice that gets broken a lot in our world however. And if we are HONEST its advice that we break from time to time too.  We may look at Armstrong or Te'o or one of the baseball players and shake our heads in disgust but a lot of times we put on a mask don't we? A lot of times we pretend to be someone we are not.  A lot of times we are deceptive as well.

Why? Why would an athlete use performance enhancing drugs to win events? Why would someone not come clean about having a fake girlfriend who never existed and who really didn't die because she was never really alive? After all these people are already great athletes.  Te'o already had a great college football career and a high paying job in the NFL waiting on him.  So why? Simply put to be someone they are not.  (Maybe steroids should be called image enhancing drugs as well).  Those athletes used those chemicals to enhance their identity.  Now instead of just being a professional baseball player, they could be known as the home run king or the man who hit the ball 500 feet, or the one who is a threat to hit it out of the park everytime they get up to bat.  The drugs enhanced their identities.

Te'o didn't come clean because he was afraid it would damage his identity.  He didn't want to be known as the man with the fake dead girlfriend (words I never thought I'd write).  He didn't want to damage his identity, so he at least went along with the game to enhance his identity.

Again we can be hard on them, but in a lot of ways we do the same thing.  We try to do things to enhance our identities.  Sometimes those things are deceptive, sometimes those things are not.  But we too want our identities enhanced.  We want people to think highly of us don't we?

Go back and read the Scripture from Colossians 3:4, "When Christ who is your life appears then you will appear with Him in glory."  Wow! What Paul (the writer of Colossians) is saying is Christ is our identity.  In fact that is one of the main themes of Colossians, we are "in Christ".  Since we are in Christ, He is our identity and here is reality there is nothing we can do to improve upon Jesus.  He is already perfect.  We are "in Him" He is our identity.  He is our life, He is what matters.  The Bible says, "in Him we live, we move, and we have our being."  Again He is our identity.  If we are found in Him we are seen as belonging to Him, being forgiven by Him, and having His righteousness. 

How do we become "in Christ"? Its really very simple we repent of our sins and we place our faith in Him.  In other words instead of being deceptive (to ourselves, to God, and to others) we come clean.  We are honest about our sin, about our need to be forgiven, about our need for a Savior, and about our need for God.  In short we admit that we need Jesus.  Because in Him we find forgiveness, we find our Savior, and we find our God.

Then we have the promise, "we will appear with Him in glory."  We become His children, His brothers, a part of His kingdom and we have this promise of hope to look forward to.  In Him "we live, we move, we have our being."  In Him we have hope, in Him we have life, and in Him we have an identity as children of God. 

So lets be real.  In a world of fake, lets be real. Let's REALly love God and lets REALly show Jesus to this world around us.  After all He is our life