May 2019   
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9AM Contemporary Service
Contemporary Service with our Praise band leading the worship, and message delivered by pastor or guset speaker
10AM Sunday School
Sunday School Classes for all ages, using Lifeway resources and others in a small class learning setting, where questions and discussions are welcomed.
Blended Worship Service
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Our Blended Worship Service with special music from our Praise Band, Choir, and individuals. Our pastor or special speaker brings a message using the greatest instruction book available.
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Amazing Grace of our Risen Lord

Amazing Grace of our Risen Lord

Luke 24:11 – “but these words (about the resurrection) seemed to them (the disciples) an idle tale, and they did not believe them.”

My wife was talking to our oldest son a few days ago and she said to him, “me and daddy have a surprise for you guys on Easter morning.”  My son who was in a really bad mood said, “no you don’t.”  For some reason he didn’t believe us.  I’m not sure why but he thought we were telling him something false, he thought that we weren’t being truthful and in all honesty it hurt just a little bit 

Well the disciples on that first resurrection day thought the same thing about the women.  When the women came to them and reported that Jesus was alive, they simply didn’t believe.  There’s no way, they thought, and so the women’s words seemed like nonsense and an idle tale.  They didn’t believe.  They had trusted Jesus but after the agony and disappointment of the last few days, after the fear of not knowing what was going to happen next, they simply didn’t believe anymore.  They had given up.  Jesus was a nice person, a great teacher, and all of that, but now He was crucified, dead, and gone, and so was their faith.  They did not believe that He was resurrected, the women’s words seemed like nonsense and an idle tale.  Let that sink in for a minute, they had given up on Jesus.

Yet, Jesus had not given up on them.  If He would have He wouldn’t have appeared to the disciples.  He would have walked away.  After all they had fallen asleep in the Garden when He asked them to watch and pray.  Peter had denied Him 3 times and in essence the others had denied Him as well because they had hidden out when He was on the cross. Only one of them was close enough to see the crucifixion.  And now when the women came and told them the best news in the world, they simply did not believe.  Thomas of course later on expressed his doubt, but the rest of them doubted as well.  In fact they did more than doubt they simply did not believe.  They had given up on Jesus.

But again Jesus had not given up on them.  He still loved them, and He still considered them a part of His family.  That’s why He came to them, that’s why He spent time with them, that’s why He ate with them, and that’s why He taught them, and forgave them.  He loved them with an everlasting love.  There was no way He was going to turn His back on them.  He died to give them forgiveness and He certainly wasn’t going to turn away now.  If He would have we would understand it, after all they denied Him, failed Him, ran away from Him when the going got tough, and then didn’t believe.  If Jesus had said its over for you all we wouldn’t blame Him.  But He didn’t He loved them too much, they were a part of the family of God forever.  Paul’s truth hadn’t been written yet, but it was still true, “nothing can separate us from the love of God.” 

Jesus loved them too much to turn His back on them.  And He loves us too much as well.  Even in our sins, and our failures, even when we doubt, and betray Him by jumping into willing sin, even then He loves us.  He won’t turn His back on us, that is the amazing grace of our Risen Lord.