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Blood Work by Anthony J. Carter, a book review

Blood Work by Anthony J. Carter, a book review

Matthew 26:28 – “This is my blood of the new covenant, poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”

Blood Work by Anthony J. Carter was a  book that I highly anticipated reading and it certainly did not disappoint.  In this work Carter shows us the need that we all have for the blood of Christ, and he also shows the Christian what the blood has accomplished on their behalf.

Carter shows that we are purchased by the blood of Christ.  We become children of God by Jesus’ blood.  But not only that, God’s wrath is also propitiated by the blood of Christ.  We are justified (declared righteous), redeemed, cleansed, sanctified, ransomed, and set free by the blood of Jesus.  We are also brought near to God and can have peace with God only through the blood of Christ.

It is a very powerful work in which each page drips with the truth of the Gospel.  Jesus had to die, Jesus had to shed His precious blood so that we could become children of God.  One of the chapters that I enjoyed the most was the chapter “Propitiated by His Blood.”  Many people in our world today don’t see God as a God of wrath.  They believe that He is a God of love and they leave it at that.  The Bible certainly affirms that God is love, but it also reveals to us that God is holy (in fact He is thrice Holy in Isaiah 6), and that God is also a God of wrath.  Since God is holy, He hates sin and sin must be punished.  Carter does a fantastic job of showing that Jesus took that punishment on the cross so that you and I don’t have to face God’s wrath.  Jesus became sin (2 Corinthians 5:21), and in doing so took God’s wrath against sin while He was on the cross.  Because of that Carter says, God’s anger has been propitiated, and that you and I no longer have to face the wrath of God.  “God is not angry with you, nor will He ever be again.  This is the amazing propitiating power of the blood of Christ.  If you are a Christian, your mother or father may get angry with you but not God, your husband or wife may get angry with you but not God.  You may get angry with yourself or worse yet find yourself in the senseless position of being angry with God.  Yet this does not and will not, move God to be angry with you.  That is why we can come to God without fear of condemnation (p. 29 ).”  Those are powerful words, in fact those are hope filled, life changing words.  That is what Jesus has accomplished for us through His blood.

And as Carter points out Jesus is the one who has accomplished it on our behalf, we cannot earn God’s approval on our own.  He says a person can “live right, eat right, give right, and die right, (p. 75)” and still be lost.  Only the blood of Jesus saves us, as the song says, “nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

Carter’s work is short and easily readable but it is very powerful and it lets the Christian know the extent of the atonement and what Jesus has done for us.  When you consider that the only proper response to what Jesus has done is worship.  We worship Him and we love Him because He first loved us.  Throughout the book, Carter included various hymns that deal with the blood of Christ, and there was several times as I read the words that I wanted to break out into song because of what Jesus has done for me.

This book is a book that can be used for personal edification and worship, but it could also be used evangelistically to show a person who is unsaved just how much they need the blood of Christ.  It would also make a great small group study or text to use for a new members class.  It is a book that I would highly recommend.

(9 out of 10 stars ********* )