May 2019   
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Compassion in the Difficulties


Psalm 103:13 -"As a Father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear Him."

We had a meeting at school today about our middle son and some of the issues that He is facing with his autism.  It was a good meeting but in a lot of ways a difficult meeting.  Good, because I know that he is surrounded by people that care about him and good because he is making a tremendous amount of progress.  Difficult because of the realization that he is struggling in some areas.   

He is very bright and caring in many areas but he struggles socially.  At home he communicates well but at home he knows what to expect.  When he is with different people in different situations he doesn't know what to expect, so he shuts down and communicates very little.  It has taken him over a year to really begin to communicate with his speech therapist. Communication can be very uncomfortable for him. 

I listened as they talked about his IEP (individual education plan), and I was thankful for these people who were giving so much to help him.  We talked about all he had been through, with the seizures, and the absence seizures (thankfully these both appear too have stopped).  And as I sat and listened, I experienced almost the entire gamut of emotions, from sadness to anxiety to joy to thanksgiving to everything in between. Then the realization hit me how I wish I could take this from him, I wish it could be me in his place.  

Now let me confess, I heard my mom say to me one time when I was sick, "if I could take it from you and me be sick instead of you, I would," and I thought she was crazy. Today, I fully understand what she said and that she really did mean what she said.  I would do the same thing, most parents would.  

Thankfully our heavenly Father did.  He was willing to take our place.  Jesus was really willing to take the punishment for sin in our place.  When  He looks at us as His children He doesn't say "if I could I would take it in your place," instead He says "because I can I will take it in your place". And He takes our sins upon Himself and takes the punishment and pays the price. " 

That is love is it not? Love expressed this way, "As a Father has compassion on His children, so the Lord has compassion on those that fear Him". Jesus stood in our place.  As one person said, "Christianity can be summed up this way, in my place condemned He stood". Because of that I can be forgiven, I can be a child of God.  Because of that I can have the hope of the Kingdom of heaven, a place where I can talk to Jesus face to face, a place where I will really be able to talk to my son, and a place where he and I can talk to Jesus together because then we will truly be home.