Forgiven and Forgiving

Psalm 103:9 - "He will not always chide, or keep His anger forever."

Anger is an emotion that we are very familar with, if you have lived you know what it means to be angry.  Babies from a very early age, get angry, and for a while it can be cute to watch, but it can quickly turn into a problem.  

Most of the time for us adults, anger is a problem.  It starts as a problem and escalates from there.  It leads us to say things we don't mean, to act in ways that we shouldn't, to unforgiveness and resentment.  Anger can be a problem or worse.  God's anger however is 100% different.

We lash out in anger usually when someone hurts us.  God's anger is against sin, which hurts us and more importantly minimizes His glory.  In our anger we may resent the person that made us angry.  We may struggle or in fact refuse to be forgiving.  Unforgiveness may plague us.  God however is a God of forgiveness.  He will not be angry forever.  And that is good news, in fact it is great news.  If God was not a God of forgiveness, who could stand?

Thankfully God does forgive us.  He loves us and forgives us, if we are His children.  He may discipline us, but He will not chide us forever.  He may be angry, juts as a parent is angry when their child does something that hurts the child, but thankfully that anger does not last forever.  He is a God of love and forgiveness.  We certainly see that on the cross of Calvary.  Jesus went there and took our sins upon Himself so that we could be forgiven.  That is the goodness of God.

And in reality it is a goodness that should also characterize our lives. We too should be people of love and forgiveness.  We may get angry, but our anger doesn't have to turn into a problem.  It doesn't have to turn to sin.  In fact the Bible tells us, "in your anger do not sin."  We can be angry and not sin.  We can be people of love and forgiveness.  We can put resentment behind us.  Make not mistake about it, it won't be easy but it is possible.

How? Not through our own strength or power but through the love and grace and goodness of God.  We can't do it ourselves.  It is impossible for us, but there is nothing that is impossible for God.  That same power that raised Jesus from the dead is working within us, and that power can enable us to be people of love and forgiveness.  We, who are forgiven by the grace of God and the glory of God, can forgive by the grace of God and for the glory of God.