Fully Known and Fully Loved


Psalm 103:14 - "For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust."

Someone once said that one of our great hopes in life is unattainable.  What were they talking about? They were talking about the hope that is within us that someone will love us completely and know us completely.  That person went on to say that that is simply unattainable, because if someone knows everything about us they really aren't going to love us completely.  Quite a pick me up isn't it?  Very encouraging words, yet such is the attitude of the world.  A world that is quick to find fault and outrage with other people.  That of course leads to that pronouncement, if a person really knows you then that person isn't really going to love you.

We certainly can see that rationale behind the statement can't we? After all we all have some things that we don't want other people to know about us.  We all have some things that we attempt to hide and to cover up.  Why? Because we don't want people to know about them, we don't want to embarass ourselves.   Even beyond that however we hide things and try to cover up things even from those people that we are closest too.  Why? Because we don't want them to quit loving us.  We are afraid those words are really true - if a person fully knows you they won't fully love you.  

The Psalmist however makes a shocking announcement, God does fully know us.  For he knows our "frame".  He knows our make up, He knows everything about us, that is what the psalmist is saying.  Is that a frightening thought? Of course it is.  God knows us even better than we know ourselves, and He remembers that we are dust.  What is the meaning of that? It's a humbling statement isn't it? We are dust.  So what does the Psalmist mean? He means that God knows everything about us, our frame, our make up.  He knows our humility and He knows that we really are nothing but dust.  But here is the kicker, here is the good news, He really does love us anyway.

If one of our hopes and in fact a driving force in our lives is to be completely known and completely loved (and I think it is), then we find that hope fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.  God, come in the flesh.  He knows us, completely and loves us completely.  In fact He loved us enough to die for us and to die in our place.  Let that sink in a minute: God knows all of your faults and your failures and yet He still loves you.  Your hope is fulfilled.  But it goes beyond that, He not only loves you, but He deems you so valuable that He died on the cross to redeem you. To God be the glory!