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Hide and Seek and God's Amazing Grace

Hide and Seek

Monday, January 28, 2013

5:27 PM

Numbers 32:23 -  "But if you will not do so, behold you have sinned against the Lord, and be sure your sin will find you out."


One of the joys of being a father is being able to play with my children.  My wife is 9 months pregnant and so recently I have tried to be home almost every night so that she isn't overwhelmed with trying to keep up with 2 boys and do everything else that life entails at our house.  This has given me many opportunities to play with my children.

Tonight we were playing hide and seek.  My four year old counts extremely fast so when he reached 10 and yelled "ready or not here I come," I was standing in the middle of the baby's room with nowhere to hide.  I hurriedly went into a corner beside the baby bed and threw a quilt over my head, thinking if I was really still he might not notice me.  He came in, screamed and left. 

Then in just a few seconds he was back.  I still thought I was safe until I heard him laughing and then I felt the tug at the quilt, I was found.  When he pulled the quilt down I saw  what gave me away, the dog was standing about 4 feet away from me staring at the quilt.  I had heard him come in earlier but I had no idea he was telling on me.  But there he was pointing me out.   My son and I exploded into laughter.  He was laughing because he had found me, I was laughing because of his partner in crime so to speak.  As we were leaving the room however I had a serious thought, its impossible to truly hide isn't it?

Just as a dog found me out, the Bible affirms to us that our sins find us out.  Moses is talking to the children of Israel in Numbers 32 and he basically tells them to go to war, to fight against their evil enemy.  He also tells them to do good and then he gives them this charge, "if you do not do these things, you have sinned against the Lord, and be sure that your sin will find you out."  They always do don't they?

We may think that we get away with things and that nobody knows the sins that we commit.  In reality though nothing that we do is done in secret.  We know the sins that we commit but even more than that God knows the sins that we forget.  Our sins find us out.

God doesn't have a heavenly watch dog that points out our sins, He doesn't need one.  He is omnipresent, which means that He is everywhere all the time.  We can't hide our sins from God.  He knows them all.  That is a frightening thought isn't it? He knows all our sins, He knows everything about us.  He knows our bad thoughts, our bad words, our bad deeds. He even knows the motives behind what we do.  He knows if we do the right thing with the wrong motive.

He knows how sin sick we really are.  But here is the good news, He loves us and He died on a cross so that our sins (the ones everyone knows  about, the ones only a few know about, and the ones we think no one knows about) could be forgiven.

That is what is amazing about the Gospel.  While I was an enemy of God, while I was covered in the wickedness of my sins, Jesus died for me.  That amazes me.  It amazes me to think that someone would die for me.  It amazes me even more that He would die for me when I was covered in sin.  I was His enemy and He still chose to die a horrific death on a cross.  Anyway you slice it that is amazing.

Thomas Chalmers says "that we should make the putting on of the propitiation of Christ our initial duty of every morning.  What he means is that every morning we need to think of what Jesus did for us.  He became our propitiation, which means He took God's wrath in my place.  That is amazing isn't it? God is wrathful against sin, but Jesus took that wrath for us.  So that if we are in Christ our sins are forgiven and we are set free.  What an amazing God of love we serve.