Psalm 103:11- "For as high as the heavens  are above the earth, so great is His faithful love toward those who fear His."

Paul prays for those early Christians that they would "know the height and the width and the depth of the Love  of God, a love which surpasses knowledge". How can we know something that is unknowable? What Paul is actually praying for that church is that they would know God's love but in reality it is a love so great that you will never fully comprehend all of it.  It is a love inexhaustible.

It is also a love that is immeasurable. The psalmist says "for as high as the heavens are above the early so great is God's faithful love.  That statement begs a question, and the question is this how high above the earth are the heavens? And the answer is it is immeasurable.  God loves you with a love that can't be measured.  It is that great and that amazing.

We can measure a lot of things.  In fact we can measure most things but God's love is so great it is immeasurable.  It is that amazing.  We see it when He leads His people out of slavery.  Certainly we get a glimpse of it in Noah's building of the ark.  We perceive some of it as we read of Jesus' healing, or of His encounter with the woman at the well.  We can look to it in all of those areas but the greatest glimpse we see of it is on the cross.  "Greater love has no one than this, than they lay down their life for their friends.". God's immeasurable love however is greater than even that because He laid down His life for us while we were still His enemies.  That is why God's love is immeasurable.  We can't even comprehend that and yet God did it for us on the cross.  No wonder the writer of the song says ,"amazing love how can it be that You, My King would die for me". I can't imagine it, I can't comprehend it, I certainly can't measure it, but I am thankful I can accept it, bask in it, and enjoy our daily." To God be the glory!

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