Protecting the Next Generation

Genesis 24:1-9

Abraham is nearing the end of his life and he knows it, so he calls one of his servants to go and get a wife for his son Isaac from the country he grew up in.  This was fairly common practice in the ancient world but then something strange happens, the servant says if the woman will not follow me here should I take Isaac to her there?  Abraham's answer is quick and direct, "No do not do that, do not take Isaac there because the Lord has promised to give this land HERE to my offspring."  Don't take Isaac back to my homeland, is what Abraham is saying.  Why not? Because he might get distracted and not receive the inheritance of this land HERE that God has promised for him.  In other words Abraham is protecting his son.  He is protecting him from getting outside of the will of God.  He is protecting him from the distractions of the world.  

What would happen to Isaac if he went back to Abraham's homeland? It's hard to say, but one thing is sure the temptations and distractions of the world would certainly be more prevalent.  He might cave to those temptations and if he did he might miss out on the blessings that God has for him.  If he gives in he might be faced with numerous struggles and difficulties that he wouldn't have otherwise have to face.  So Abraham is standing strong, he is being watchful and he is protecting his son.  

We have the same responsibility and calling today.  We need to make sure that our children and our grandchildren know the goodness of God.  We need to make sure to protect them from ungodly influences.  We need to keep watch so that they don't wander outside of the will of God.  Temptations abound and we can't protect them from everything, and we can't make decisions for them, but we can do all that we can do.  We have a responsibilty - be watchful, be strong, protect the next generation for the glory of God.