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School's In for the Summer

School’s In for the Summer


Deuteronomy 17:18 – “Also it shall be, when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write for himself a copy of this law in a book.”


Growing up one of my favorite songs was “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper.  I’m not sure if it was one of my favorites because of the artist or because of the subject matter.  Regardless it was a song that I enjoyed year round but was especially fitting during the months of May through August, when school was either out for summer or preparing to be out until fall.


School’s out has a nice ring to it, school’s in however does not.  Of course in reality it doesn’t matter whether it has a ring to it or not, school really is back in.  It is that time of year.  The time for staying up late and sleeping in is over.  The time for playing outside at noon and playing video games during the afternoon is over.  School is back in session and it is now time to learn.


The writer of Deuteronomy gives us some commands regarding the king of Israel in Deuteronomy 17, he says that the king should be someone who reads the law of God and who copies in his own handwriting the law of God.  Why? Because we learn while reading and we learn while writing.  Learning was important even 1000s of years ago.  I know that is heartbreaking to many school children today as summer is still in full bloom but school is also in full session.


Learning is important, what the children do everyday in school (and hopefully us adults are still doing as well) matters.  Learning matters.  Of course what the king was supposed to learn in the book of Deuteronomy was of the utmost importance.  He was to learn more than just reading, writing, and “rithmitic” (presumably since he is the king he knows those things), he was to learn the laws of God and the ways of God.  That is of the utmost importance, whether we are 5 or 55, 9 or 99, or anywhere in between or beyond.  Learning the things of God are of utmost importance, in fact they have eternal significance.


Today my 8 year old began his 3rd grade journey, and tomorrow my 6 year old will begin his academic career in kindergarten.  I pray for both of them, I pray for their safety.  I pray for them to have clear minds, I pray for them to behave and I pray for them to make good friends.  I pray for their teachers this year and the teachers that they will have.  I pray for the school, the principal, and all of the faculty and staff.  Why? Because learning is important, it matters.  But I pray even beyond that they will learn about the things of God, the laws of God, the ways of God.  I pray that they will learn to love Jesus and follow Him.  Why? Because it is of the utmost importance. So I pray for my wife and I as well because it is our responsibility (according to Deuteronomy 6) to teach these things to our children.  For us to teach them we must know them and we must live them out. 


So tomorrow as you take your children to school (or you see someone taking theirs) pray for the children, for the school, for the teachers, the faculty, and all the staff.  After all learning is important.  If you are the parent, pray for yourself and your spouse, pray that you would show Jesus to your children and that you will teach them about Jesus.  After all it is of the utmost importance and it is our responsibility, our calling, our privilege as parents.  To God be the glory!