June 2019   
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9AM Contemporary Service
Contemporary Service with our Praise band leading the worship, and message delivered by pastor or guset speaker
10AM Sunday School
Sunday School Classes for all ages, using Lifeway resources and others in a small class learning setting, where questions and discussions are welcomed.
Blended Worship Service
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Our Blended Worship Service with special music from our Praise Band, Choir, and individuals. Our pastor or special speaker brings a message using the greatest instruction book available.
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Seeing Jesus in Psalm 51 - The Rescue of a King

Psalm 51:5 - "Behold I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me."


Pastor and theologian J.C. Ryle when discussing the great doctrines of the faith said, "man is radically diseased. I believe that ignorance of the extent of the Fall, and of the whole doctrine of original sin, is one grand reason why many can neither understand, appreciate, nor receive (what Jesus did on the cross)."  What he was saying was simply this no matter who we are or into what kind of family we are born we are sinners and we are ultimately depraved. 


Those are not popular words but they are true.  We however like to believe we wouldn't have made the mistakes that we have made if we would have had more money, or a better education,  or better treatment by our parents, or more support from our teachers, or if we wouldn't have been bullied in 7th grade, or whatever.  Some of those things are bad and in fact horrific, and yes they do color the people that we become but even if we would have had the perfect parents and the perfect teachers, if we would have received nothing but love and support from our classmates, if we would have been born with money and had the greatest education available we would have still sinned.  In fact we were sinful even from birth, our circumstances might change but we would still sin because we are sinners.


David is the perfect example of that.  He was the king of the country, he was talented (a musician), he was strong and courageous (he fought a giant), he was a great shepherd.  David had it all sure his dad looked past him when they were searching for a king but that is a minor technicality.  David had it all and what did David do with it, he used it to jump into sin.


Then after his encounter with Nathan the prophet, David realizes the depth of his sin.  He sees himself for what he is, not a king, not a warrior, not a musician, not a shepherd, but a wretched sinner, and in his sin David does something marvelous,  he cries out to God.  And what does he cry for? Forgiveness,  restoration, cleaning,  and change. 


Whay a picture Psalm 51 gives us, David is the king of the country, arguably the most powerful man on earth and he is broken in his sin.  The king needs to be rescued.  He is a sinner who needs a Savior, and that is what he gets.  David the king gets rescued by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 


He repents of his sins and God rushes in and forgives him and transforms him.  He gives him joy in the place of his brokeness and forgiveness instead of his guilt.  The bones that are crushed are healed and the spirit once again rejoices.  It is total and absolute transformation.  David the king needed to be rescued, Jesus the One true King rescued him.  And here is the good and in fact even amazing news, He has done the same for us.  To God be the glory!