Soccer and the Work of God

Springing into the Work of God

Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Today marked the opening day of our soccer season at church.  It is the fourth year that we have offered it and every year it has grown just a little bit.  I enjoy the games, I enjoy the competition, I enjoy hearing the fans cheer for their team and for their kids.  I enjoy watching the kids who are in the league learn to work together and to support one another. 

The games today were especially good, and all of the kids seemed to have a good time.  What I enjoy most about the league however is knowing that at each practice the coaches are going to pray with the players, and that there is going to be prayer and a short message during halftime.  There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into getting everything ready and there is a whole lot of people working, but it makes it all worth it when all of the kids and their families gather together during halftime.

Sports teach us a lot of things but the most important thing that we could ever learn about is the love of God.  And I will say that through the soccer league families get a chance to not only hear about the love of God but they get a chance to see it in action.  Again it takes a lot of work and a lot of people working to make this league a reality, but the beauty of it is that as we work we do so for the glory of God and through the strength of God.

The Bible says that God has “good works prepared in advance for us to do.”  In other words t is wonderful to see everybody coming out and working together for the glory of God.  God is glorified when we live our lives for Him, but I fully believe that God is especially glorified when we work together to spread His message.  When we work together as families and as a church God is especially pleased and He is glorified. 

Jesus told us in the Great Commission that we are to “go into all the world” and tell people about Him.  In other words we are to be about the business of missions.  There is all kinds of ways that we can do that: Through giving to Missions offerings, through inviting someone to come to church, through running a van and bringing people to church, through preparing a meal for someone who is hungry, through going on a missions trip.  There are all kinds of ways that we can “do missions” or as people say today, “be missional”.  And one of those ways includes a soccer league where we get to show and tell about the love of God. 

David Platt says that “missions is primarily an issue of the glory of God.  You have to tell others about Jesus because you want Him to be glorified in their lives as well.”  We don’t do missions (regardless of the kind) for any other reason than to see God glorified.  Oh there are side beneifts, people will be saved, people’s lives will be changed.  But the main reason that we “do missions” is so that God will be glorified.  After all the Bible says, “whatever you do in word or deed do it all for the glory of God.”  We should do all that we do primarily for the glory of God.  We should do missions for the glory of God.  We should do those “good works prepared in advance for us” for the glory of God.  Regardless of what we do, we must do it for the glory of God, even something like soccer.  We do it so that God might be glorified.  Sure its great to watch the games and see the participation.  Its great to know that kids and families are seeing the love of God and that they are hearing about that love as well, but the number one purpose is that God might be glorified.  So let us spring into His work if you will, so that He will ultimately be glorified through all the things that we say and all the things that we do.

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