The Goodness and Greatness of Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday Goodness and Greatness

Isaiah 6:5 – “And I said: ‘Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of  people of unclean lips; and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.”

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, the big game is finally here.  The Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49ers.  Two brothers coaching against each other.  There will be good plays made by great players.  The Ravens roster is filled with many future hall of famers and perhaps two of the greatest players at their positions in history (Ray Lewis and Ed Reed).  The 49ers have an amazing array of young talent and one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game in Randy Moss.  It will be a lot of fun.

I love to watch great players.  I love to see good plays and I love great coaching.  All of that will certainly be on display today.  The Super Bowl also gives us an opportunity to learn about the lives of the players and coaches because of the extra build up and the extra time before the game is played.  I’ve enjoyed learning about the participants especially about the one who are followers of Christ.

It would be fair to say that there are many people playing in this game who are good people.  Or would it? It would seem that there are a lot of good people on both rosters and among both coaching staffs but in reality are there? I guess a better way to ask that question would be to say, are there really any good people?

After all the Bible says, “there is none good but God.”  God is the only one who is truly good.  The rest of us in reality aren’t.  We don’t like to hear that but its true.  We are all sinners, we all have a dark side (to use a Star Wars reference).

We certainly see that in the story of Isaiah in Isaiah 6.  By all accounts Isaiah was a good person.  He had kept the commandments, he was a major prophet, he was well respected.  Some people say his family was well thought of and respected.  He was someone we would like as a co-worker, or a neighbor, or a golfing buddy.  He would be a “good church member”. 

But when he catches just a glimpse of the glory and holiness of God, all he can do is fall on his face and say, “woe is me, I am lost (undone)”.  When he saw God’s holiness he didn’t say, I’m a good person, or I’ve kept the commandments, or I’ve done all of these great things.  What he said was I’m a sinner.  And he was so overcome by his sin he fell on his face and just simply said “woe is me”.  We might pronounce woes on other people because of their sin, but we normally don’t pronounce woe on ourselves because of ours.  Isaiah does however because he realizes his sinfulness before a holy God. 

I am lost, he cries.  I am undone.  It means I am falling a part at the seams.  The holiness of God convicted Isaiah of his own sin.  It showed him of his need for forgiveness, his need for a Savior.  His need to have his relationship with God restored.  His need to be redeemed.  Isaiah realized that being a “good person” would never be enough, because his “goodness” before the holiness of God was simply non exsistent. 

So he realized his sin and he repented.  And then something wonderful happened, God restored him.   God lifted him up.  God in His goodness and greatness redeemed Isaiah.  He was forgiven and his life was forever changed.  God is good, we are not.  God is holy, we are not.  But through the love of God, we can be forgiven, we can be redeemed, we can be restored.  We can be remade into what we are supposed to be.

That is good news, great news in fact.  News that is worth celebrating, regardless of who wins the Super Bowl.  Go RAVENS!