The Power of ALL

Psalm 103:3 - "Who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases."

The psalmist tells us not to "forget the benefits of God," and then he makes it abundantly clear that those benefits are amazing.  They are rich and they are unattainable unless they come from God Himself.  Here God begins to reveal to us what some of those benefits are.  

He forgives all our sins, and our iniquities.  All of the words of this verse are extremely important but there is one that stands out and it is the word all.  God doesn't do anything half heartedly or half way, whatever He does, He does fully.  In fact it was said of Jesus, "He has done all things well."  This is no exception.  He forgives "all of our sin".  He has done it well and He has left no stone unturned.  John Owen said that we are only aware of about 10% of our sins, but in reality God is aware of all of them.  He has looked in every corner and every crevice of our lives.  He has turned over every stone, He knows us far better than we even know ourselves.  He knows all of our sins and even beyond that when we turn to Him in repentance and faith we are told that He forgives all of our sins.  Which means our slates are wiped cleaned and when God looks upon us, He sees us as 100% forgiven.  It would be impossible to overstate the importance of this fact.  We are forgiven of all of our sins, past, present and future by the grace of God.  If we were not forgiven then we would be condemned.  But Jesus came in to the world, "not to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved."  And that is exactly what happens when we turn to Him in repentance and faith.  The benefits of God's grace are amazing, they are mind blowing.  Without His forgiveness we stand in condemnation on the road to hell, but with His grace we are saved, forgiven and being prepared to inherit the Kingdom of God.  

His grace truly is amazing, through it we are forgiven of all of our sins, and through it we are healed of all of our diseases.  This is a huge statement isn't it? And in reality it could be a confusing statement, because when we look around we see people who are sick and who are struggling.  Some of these people (maybe even us) are Christians, they are followers of Jesus, so when the psalmist says, "He heals all your diseases", shouldn't that include those people?  The truth is it does.  And yet all of us have seen disease (cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, or whatever else) come in and take away someone that we love and care about.  So what about them, if God heals "all our diseases" why weren't they healed? The truth of the matter is that they are.  Right now they are healed, right now they are in a place where they are fully healed.  Isaiah 25:8 tells us that one day "God will destroy death forever."  In other words death and disease and all of that will be destroyed, healing really will occur.  Because of the grace of God death does not have the last word.

He really does "forgive us or ALL of our sins."  And He really does "heal us of ALL of our diseases."  Even the disease of death will one day be wiped.  Jesus is victorious and we are "more than conquerors through Him we loved us."  To God be the glory!

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