Training for the Race of LIfe ......Day 13 (Procrastination)


Training for the Race of Life…….(Day 13)
Procrastination or waiting
- “In the morning I probably will get back on my routine and run in the morning, instead of the afternoon or evening,” I said to my wife as Friday night drew to a close.  And when I went to bed that night that was definitely my plan.  Saturday morning came around however and since I had nothing pressing to do, I decided to stay in bed for an extra few minutes.  After all in my mind I told myself I deserved it.
 I got up, I did some things around the house, I went to the trash dump, I visited with a friend in the Hospital, I came home and it was around 12:30.  No use running now I rationalized, football is on.  So for the next hour or so I told myself I will run at halftime into part of the third quarter and I really won’t miss anything.  Halftime came and went, and I sat still.  I needed to catch up on the “other scores around the country I said.”  I’ll just hit the streets when my wife comes home from Christmas shopping.
 Around 5:30 in she came carrying not “good tidings of great joy,” but supper for the night.  I don’t want it to get cold so I’ll eat and then run in an hour or so once my food somewhat digests.  Finally the clock hit 6:45 pm and out the door I went to get in a few miles.  It was a short day mileage wise and for that I was thankful.  After all I had turned a 6:45 am run into a 6:45 pm run, I certainly didn’t want to be running at 8 o’clock at night. 
 Needless to say I procrastinated didn’t I? Instead of running when the sun was out and I could see well.  I headed out the door when it was dark, windy, and 36 degrees.  I came in and was amazed that even though I had ran a few miles I was cold.  Cold, sweaty, and tired.  All because I procrastinated.  When you run during the day you can see things, when you run at night you can’t.  When a cat ran at me from a few feet away, I didn’t know what was chasing me.  A few minutes later I met a nice neighborhood dog.  I wasn’t sure about him and I think he was less sure about me.  I got nervous a few times all because I wasn’t sure if the cars that were driving through the neighborhood would notice me or not.  In short waiting was a bad idea.  Procrastination is never a good thing.
 In running or in life.  But many times we do it don’t we?  We put off doing the things that we know we need to do.  And that isn’t a good thing.  One of the things that we procrastinate in is following God.  Sometimes we just simply put it off.  I did for a long time because I thought I wanted to do life my way, have my fun, do whatever I wanted to do.  I procrastinated in following Jesus and I made a mess of my life.  Fortunately God is a good of grace and “His mercy and love endures forever,” and even when I procrastinated “His steadfast love continued to pursue me.”  His grace triumphed over my procrastination, and for that I will be eternally thankful.
 How about you? Are you putting off something you know you need to do? Are you putting off following Jesus? Are you putting off repenting of your sins and giving Him your life? If so be assured of this, as you run the race of life God is chasing you.  He is passionate about you, He wants you to be His child.  Stop putting it off, stop waiting, stop procrastinating.  You will be glad you did.
 Keep running, and make sure you are running with Jesus.