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Training for the Race of Life Day 16 (Contentment)

Training for the Race of Life…….Day 16 (Contentment)
Contentment - Rain, rain, rain.  It came down fast and furious today, which could have severely limited my training.  Yet I decided to go and do something that I don’t like to do, run on the treadmill.  I used to love it, but now since I’ve been running outside that love has quickly faded away. 
 I enjoy the outside runs so much better, if they are at a park, at a track, or even in my own neighborhood.  There is just something about running outside that I enjoy.  But today unless I wanted to get absolutely soaked (and I know some folks who run in the pouring rain), that just simply wasn’t an option.  So I hit the treadmill.  I should enjoy the treadmill after all I can control things while I am on it.  I can control the speed, the incline, and the TV remote while I’m running.  But I’m still not a huge fan of it.  With winter coming on quickly according to the weekly forecast however I may have to get used to it.  Because even though I can control things on the treadmill, the weather is way beyond my control. 
 There are a lot of things in life just like that isn’t there?  Circumstances beyond our control, people beyond our control, issues beyond our control.  I talked to a close friend today whose family is experiencing some health problems and his words to me were, “you’ve just got to make the best of whatever comes and be thankful for all that you have.”  Wow! What perspective.
 The Apostle Paul had that same perspective in the New Testament didn’t he? In fact in the book of Philippians he said, “I have learned how to be content in ALL things.”(Philippians 4:12).  All things/ What does all things mean? Well he is talking about when he has had a lot and when he has had nothing,  When he was rich he was content, and when he had absolutely nothing he was content as well.  Amazing.  Where did his contentment come from? Not the things of this world but knowing that he was forgiven of his sins and that he was a child of God.  That he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
 Paul would have been content running in the rain, in the sunshine, in the snow or even on the treadmill.  We should be as well, but even more than that we ought to be content in all the situations and circumstances of life, the ones that we can control and the ones that we can’t.  Why? Because God is in control and we are His children.  Keep running with Jesus today and whatever comes your way, be content and have peace in the midst of it.  After all the Christmas announcement was: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth PEACE…..”