Training for the Race of Life.....Day 33 (Spinning Your Wheels)

Training for the Race of Life……Day 33 (Spinning Your Wheels)
 Today because of the nagging yet not serious problem with my foot I decided to give it a little extra rest and instead of running I hit the elliptical machine.  Part of my run training is running on hills, so I set the elliptical to the hill program and got in around 6 miles on it plus I walked a couple of miles or so.  The elliptical machine at the gym is kind of isolated and by itself, there is really no one around it and there is not a TV or anything to watch while you are on it, so the hour or so that I spent on it felt like every bit of 2 hours.  In fact just to be honest I felt like I was just spinning my wheels for a good while that I was on it.  And in reality that is exactly what I was doing.  The pedals were spinning around and around and around, while I went absolutely nowhere.  I was a hamster on a wheel.
 Do you ever feel that way? Maybe not while you are running or even on the elliptical machine but in life?  That you are just spinning your wheels and going absolutely nowhere.  It can be depressing can’t it.  When you feel like you are putting forth effort but getting nowhere.  It maybe in a relationship with someone, it may be at your job, it may be financially, or spiritually, or whatever.  But sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we just feel like we are spinning our wheels don’t we?
 And yet in reality we are not.  Noah may have felt that way from time to time as he built the ark.  Day in and day out the same thing.  Abraham may have felt that way as he followed God to a place he didn’t know. Step after step day after day, am I really getting anywhere he might have thought.  Paul might have even felt that way as he went on his missionary journeys planting churches and introducing people to Jesus, there were probably dry spells and yet he kept on.  John most certainly had to feel that way as he was exiled by himself on the island of Patmos, and then it happened God gave him literally a Revelation.  The Wise Men might have even felt that way, day after day after day chasing a star, are we ever going to get there, they must have wondered.
 The ark finally got built, Abraham finally arrived, Paul made a drastic difference, as did John, and the wise men finally arrived at “the place where Jesus was.”  They may have felt like they were spinning there wheels but they all finally got there.  What made the difference? Well obviously the power of God working in them and through them, but they also had a choice.  A choice whether to remain faithful or not.  And they stayed faithful.  We should as well.  Faithful to follow God, faithful to trust Him, faithful to our task, faithful to be what He has called us to be.
 O Come all ye FAITHFUL, joyful and triumphant, …….Keep being faithful and keep running with Jesus (even if sometimes you feel you are spinning your wheels)