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Training for the Race of Life....Day 34 (Christmas Shopping)

Training for the Race of Life…..Day 34 (Christmas Shopping)
 Today was a day of no running but I did some brisk walking through a local department store as the men of our Sunday School class went out and did some Christmas shopping for some of the folks in the community who are having a hard time.  As I expected the stores were jam packed and the lines at the check out counter were fairly long but it was good to be able to do something to help other people.
 As I thought about the people that we were helping my mind drifted to the people that filled the store and even beyond to people that I know and that I love and care about.  It seems like many of those people are struggling with something.  Many who hurried to and fro buying Christmas presents yesterday were hurting inside as the struggled with all sorts of stuff.  We were helping a family but all around us were families and people that were hurting as well.  Everyday we run into people who are hurting and in fact we may be hurting ourselves. 
 So what do we do when people are hurting? We can either turn away or we can come along beside them and help.  How do we help? Through love, through listening, through spending time with them, through praying.  The Bible says that we are to “weep when one another weeps and rejoice when one another rejoices.”  Life is meant to be lived in community, one with another.  We are to encourage one another and help one another on the race of life.
 I love the story of a women’s college softball game that took place a few years ago, one of the ladies hit a home run in a tightly contested game, but as she rounded first base she tore something in her leg and was literally unable to walk.  She had to stop.  The coach wanted to put in a pinch runner for her, which he could do but in doing so the pinch runner would have to stop on first.  So the home run would in effect become a single.  He had another idea, some of his players could help carry this one girl from base to base, and yet the rule book prohibits one player from helping a teammate around the bases. 
 The girl tried to go on but was unable to do so.  So the other team had an impromptu conference and after talking to the umpire about the rules, they decided to carry the girl from first base all the way to home plate. What an action! They scooped her up, they carried her from first to second stopping for just a second and putting her down so she could touch the base.  And then they repeated that scene at third base and at home plate.  An amazing act of selfless devotion.  They helped another person even in the midst of a heated competition.  And we should do the same shouldn’t we?  As we run the race of life, we ought to take time to help one another, love one another, encourage one another, and pray for one another. 
 Keep running with Jesus and remember the race isn’t easy sometimes so take time to help those who are hurting and who are struggling.