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Training for the Race of Life.....Day 43 (Staying on Track)

Training for the Race of Life…..Day 43 (Staying on Track)
 Well the Christmas season is officially over and now we are steamrolling quickly toward New Years and the month of January.  I went to the gym to get my run in today and was amazed at the number of cars that were in the parking lot.  It was amazing.  I’ve been going for almost a year and I’ve never seen it that crowded during the day.  People were deciding to try to get on track with their fitness goals after the holidays. 
 One of the ladies who works at the gym remarked, “if you think its bad now just wait til January 2.  And then wait to you see it in February”.  I knew exactly what she meant people will make New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and then the gym will be packed.  By February however many will have gotten discouraged or sidetracked and will have broken the resolution.
 I’ve been there and done that many times in the past, not just with health matters but with life in general.  This year I’m going to…..only to figure out that 2 months in I had broken the resolution.  It’s easy to do isn’t it?  So how do you stay on track? How am I going to stay on track for the next 96 days leading up to the marathon?  How will I stay focused? 
 Getting around positive people will help me stay focused on my goal of running the marathon.  Getting enough rest,…..proper nutrition……., reading running articles……talking to people who have ran a marathon before…..all of these things will hopefully help me stay motivated.  (It’s hard to believe that today marks the start of the 7th week leading up to the marathon, but it does and even though my motivation is stronger at some times than at others it is still strong).
 So how do we keep our motivation in life?  How do we stay on track? And in reality what track are we on anyway?  Proverbs 3:5-6 puts it this way, “trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”    So what track should we be on? The track of following Jesus and being what He created us to be?
 How do we stay on track? The Bible spells it out for us: Trust in the Lord.  If we are going to stay on track in 2011 and beyond we must trust Him.  When things get tough - we must trust that He is going to pull us through.  When distractions and temptations come, things that will cause us to get off track we must trust that His way is right and continue to follow Him no matter what.  It is all a matter of trust.  Ultimately staying on track with following Jesus means that we trust Him more with our lives than we trust ourselves.   
 That is why Jesus says, “whoever wants to come after me must deny themselves daily, take up their cross and follow Me.”  In other words we must trust Him.  And when we trust Him (again not ourselves), and when we acknowledge Him (In other words when we live making Him the Lord of our lives), then He will direct our paths.  He will help us stay on course.  He will help us be what we are created and redeemed to be. 
 Running this marathon is very important to me.  So important that I’ve had to change some things to make it possible.   So important that I went today and ran over 6 miles while walking a couple of more.  It really is important, but its not as important as following Jesus.  In fact nothing is.  We must follow Him no matter what and put Him first no matter what.  Loving Him with all of our hearts, our minds, our souls, and all of our strength.  Keep running, stay on track and more importantly keep following Jesus and running with Him.