Training for the Race of Life.....Day 44 (Slippery)

Training for the Race of Life……Day 44 (Slippery)
 Today was another treadmill day and a fairly short day as I only ran for about 45 minutes.  I did incorporate some short sprints into my run today and after I finished was able to life weights for a few minutes.  I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow but that’s ok.
 As I was running on the treadmill I really didn’t watch TV, instead I looked outside at all of the cars that were going up and down the road, and just let my mind drift.  One of the things that occurred to me while I was “drifting” was that just a few days earlier those cars wouldn’t have been traveling the way the were.  The roads were extremely slick and snow covered, especially on Christmas day and the day after Christmas.  It was nice to have a white Christmas but I missed having church on Sunday for sure.
 We were driving home on Christmas night and thankfully we got in before the roads got really bad.  A friend of mine called who works for the local fire department, and said that they were working wrecks everywhere and that the roads were bad.  I also talked to a man who works for the sheriff’s department and he told me the same thing, as did another man who works for the highway department.  It was slick!
 I definitely was glad that we made it home and that I wasn’t running outside in that weather.  It would have been easy to hit a patch of ice, slip, and go down.  It wasa slick! (I think I said that didn’t I?)
 As we close out one year and rush headlong into another, there will be times that life is slick too won’t there?  When it feels like we are spinning out of control or that the world is spinning out of control.  Temptations may come our way and if we give into them we will find ourselves on a slippery slope pretty quickly.  That is why the Bible tells us that our enemy “prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.”  In other words he wants to get us on that slippery slope, and when we fall, he wants to devour us. 
 Jesus puts it this way, “the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy (think slippery slope), but I have come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”  In other words when we give into temptation, we slip, we fall, we spin out of control and things can quickly fall a part.  Yet if we stand firm in our faith, clinging to Jesus, He will get us through and even more than that, He will give us life. 
 So watch out for the slick spots everyday and keep running with Jesus and holding onto His unchanging hand.