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Training for the Race of Life....Day 45 (Tired)

Training for the Race of Life….Day 45 (Overdoing It)
 I didn’t run today at all for 2 reasons.  One, there just simply wasn’t time and two, I overdid it yesterday.  I ran, I lifted weights, and I somehow got talked into playing basketball at church.  I was 100% shot.  I did get some exercise in however by helping to move a couple of ladies in our church into a new home.  By the time nightfall came I was quickly ready for bed.
 I overdid it. People had warned me that it could happen and it finally did.  I actually had cut back on my running mileage last week to give my body a chance to rest up and I’m really glad that I did or today might have been much worse than it was.  As it is I’m just extremely tired, but thankfully (other than my constantly hurting foot) not injured.
 Have you ever felt like you overdid it? Maybe while you were running or exercising? Or maybe just in life? You’ve got too much going on, too many commitments, too many  things on your to do list.  When we were helping those ladies move I was so thankful that there were 4 us of doing it.  We thought that there might only be 2 of us and just to be honest I don’t know how we could have got it all done.  It would have been too much. 
 Life can sometimes be too much can’t it.  When the to do list is full and the clock seems to be ticking extremely fast, life can feel like its too much.  So what do we do then? When we’ve overdone it? Overbooked it? Overfilled it? Or are on the verge of it? What do we do? We slow down.  That’s right, we slow down.  But then, you are thinking, then I won’t be able to get it all done, or get it all in, or whatever….I can’t slow down, no way no how. 
 But let me say it again, in those times you need to slow down.  In fact you desperately need to slow down.  In the Bible, Jesus is visiting at the home of 2 sisters, and the one sister is up and working away.  She’s extremely busy and she’s probably thinking, “if that no count sister of mine would help me I could get my to do list finished and it would be a good day.”  Finally after working and working and working, she can’t take it anymore and she goes to Jesus.  “Hey Lord, tell me sister to get up and do something.  Doesn’t she see me working away, busy as a bee, while she just sits and does nothing.”  (Actually she wasn’t do nothing, she was sitting at Jesus’ feet spending time with Him, and listening to Him teach).
 I’ve got a feeling that she was stunned by Jesus’ response, “Why do you worry about so many things, only one thing really matters and your sister has chosen that.”  Wow! So the only thing that really matters is a relationship with Jesus (spending time with Him and making sure that others know Him as well).  Well that is exactly what Jesus said.  In fact in another passage of Scripture He put it this way that what really matters in life is this, “love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul, and all of your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.”  In other words life is pretty simply until WE make it complicated.
 So take time in the remaining days of 2010 and all of 2011 to slow down and spend time with Jesus.  He will remind you of what’s important and He will keep you from overdoing it.  Keep running (and resting) with Jesus.