Training for the Race of Life.....Day 50 (Oportunities)

Training for the Race of Life……Day 50 
 Yesterday I encouraged you to pray, “God make me a channel of blessing today….”, and today as I went on my long run I got an opportunity to see what happens when you pray that prayer.  I went out for my long run of the week today, which is highly unusual, but it was my wife’s last day of Christmas break so I figured while I had the opportunity, and the weather was fairly nice outside I needed to get a long one in.  (I actually got in 12 miles and then went to the store and walked a couple of more, making for a 14 mile day, pretty good for a Monday)
 While I was running (somewhere around mile 8) I passed a man who was walking and seemingly fairly dejected.  He stopped me and asked me how familiar I was with this area.  I told him that I knew the city ok but that it was only the second time that I had ever ran at this park.  He then opened up his life to me, in the span of 10 minutes or so, he had told me a tremendous amount about who he was, where he was from, and what was going on in his life right now.
 He told me that his mother who was 49 was at a local hospital and that she had just had a baby and the baby had pneumonia.  I told him I pastured a church and that I would definitely pray for his little sister and his mother and would put them on our prayer list at church.  That made him smile because he said his mother looked extremely “tired”.  We talked on for a minute and I was preparing to resume the run (the break was actually nice), when he said “sir I lied to you, and since you are a pastor I can’t do that.”  Then he began to confess what was really going on in his life.  His mom really had had a baby at 49 and she really was in the hospital but some of the other things he told me weren’t right.
 I was amazed at the opportunity that God had given me.  We talked on for a few minutes and he said “I’m not living right, but I used too.”  And then basically he told me that he knew what he needed to do.  We parted ways and I walked on for a minute or so just processing what had happened.
 I was at a park talking to a stranger who obviously was struggling in life.  Yet I felt no fear.  As I walked away I realized that perhaps I should have, but I didn’t.  I knew that God was with me and that He had given me a divinely appointed opportunity.  I probably didn’t seize it as well as I should have, but to me this chance was an answer to prayer.  I had prayed “make me a channel of blessing,” and now I saw the opportunity for that to happen right before my eyes. 
 I wonder what would happen if we all did that each and everyday?  IF we sincerely prayed, God make me a blessing today.  Help me to do some sort of good for another person.  After all that is what we are called to do isn’t it?  To serve others and to love others.  I think if we sincerely prayed that prayer and were serious about doing it, we would be amazed at what God would do in us and through us to help touch the world.  Jesus told His followers, “you will do even greater works than I did.”  Maybe as we pray that prayer and get serious about serving and loving others we will see that happen.  We will see God work through us in amazing ways.  So amazing in fact that the world (and the people around us) will have to step back and say, “truly God is working.” 
 So keep being faithful, keep praying, keep serving, keep loving, keep running with Jesus and walking in faith.