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Training for the Race of Life.....Day 53 (Pushing Forward)

Training for the Race of Life…..Day 53
 It was another cold and snow covered day outside day so I had determined that today would be another treadmill day.  Instead I received a message from a friend inviting me to come and run with him at the local university.  They have a great indoor exercise facility complete with all the weights you could imagine, a pool, treadmills, elliptical machines, and an indoor track.  I had never used an indoor track so it was great to get to go and run and enjoy the afternoon.
 He said that we were going to do some interval training, at a pace a little bit faster than I normally ran.  We did 2 laps at that pace, which was actually a lot faster than I normally run.  Then we walked a lap and ran 4 laps at the faster pace (this time it was a little slower than the 2 lap pace).  We then walked another lap and ran 6 more laps at the faster pace.  This time however the faster pace was drastically slowed down and by then end of the 6th lap I was having to push myself to keep running.  Then we walked, ran 4 laps, walked, ran 2 laps, walked, ran 1 lap, and walked a couple of laps.  I was tired but knew that I needed to get some more mileage in for the day to get me ready for the marathon.  So we stayed around 45 more minutes, using the Jeff Galloway method of running for 2 and a half minutes and walking for a minute.  At the end we had gotten in somewhere around 7 miles and I was feeling it. 
 I’m very glad that he pushed me because in running its easy to settle into a routine, and just settle for how you normally run.  His pushing me to run faster however helped to open my lungs up so my breathing can be better when I run, and it helped to further prepare me for the marathon.  It was exciting because I was no longer sitting still in my running, but I was moving forward and hopefully getting better and more prepared. 
 Life is a lot like running isn’t it? It’s easy to settle into a routine and really just never get any better.  It’s easy to be satisfied.  It’s easy to just stay where you are at and never really change or grow.  That is the easy way, yet its not God’s way.  God wants us to be growing daily into Christlikeness.  He wants us to be becoming more and more like Him.  He wants us to become better followers and better ambassadors for Him.
 Yet it’s easy to stay the same, its easy to not push ourselves.  It’s easy to settle.  As we go into a new year however I believe that it is time to move forward, time to become what God wants us to be, time to push ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to challenge us and change us.  Its time we become more like Jesus. 
 Will we always do that? Probably not.  There will still be times that we falter and fail, and in times like that I am thankful once again for God’s amazing grace and the fact that even when we do settle, He still loves us and forgives us. 
 Keep running with Jesus but don’t settle.  Don’t settle in your running, in your life, or in your relationship with Jesus.