Training for the Race of Life.....Day 58 (Your Heart)

Training for the Race of Life……Day 58 (Your Heart)
 You guessed it another snowy day, which means another treadmill day.  Today’s schedule however didn’t call for a long run, just 3 miles (with some walking), but it did call for what is called cruise intervals.  Ideally these are run on a track and you run the straightaway on the track (which is a little less than a tenth of a mile) at a fairly fast speed.  Taking time to speed up, cruise, and then slow back down.  Then you are supposed to walk a little ways to recover. 
 This type of workout is a little more challenging on the treadmill just simply because there is no prescribed straightaway to run on.  So you really have to pay attention to your distance and when you hit the required distance you just slow back down.  I ran 4 of these at a pace that is about 40 percent faster than I normally run.  So even though I was only running that way for a short distance it got my heart rate up pretty quickly.  Then as you “recover” you really need to pay attention to your heart, so that when it slows down sufficiently you will know that you are fully recovered.  In other words you really have to listen to your body, or listen to your heart.
 That is important in life as well isn’t it? To listen to your heart.  To know what your heart desires, to know what you are focused on, to know what you truly care about.  The Bible says, “where a man’s treasure is there is heart is also.”  So you need to listen to your heart, so that you will know if you are where you need to be or not, especially in your relationship with God.
 Of course in all reality we can sometimes fool ourselves can’t we? We can convince ourselves that we are ok, when we are not.  And we can make ourselves believe that we are ok in our relationship with God when in reality we are not.  That is why the psalmist said, “search me and know me o Lord.  See if there be anything wicked within me.”  In other words I don’t want to just listen to my heart, but I invite God to listen to it as well (He already knows it anyway), and we ask Him to really reveal it to us, so that we will know if we are where we need to be or not.
 Today’s run taught me to listen to my body, and especially to listen to my heart.  In life we need to listen to our hearts, but even more importantly we need to listen to God’s heart, and let Him reveal to us what we need, what He wants, and whether or not we are where we need to be. 
 Listen to your heart, more importantly listen to God, and keep running with Jesus.