Training for the Race of Life.....Day 66 (Settling)

Training for the Race of Life…..Day 66 
 Because of the ankle injury it was back to the elliptical machine today for almost 7 miles.  I set the program on “hills” so it would be more like actual running.  Still when I use the elliptical I feel like I am settling.  I certainly didn’t use to feel that way, in fact before I started running regularly I used the elliptical machine quite a bit and always found it to be extremely challenging. 
 Now however I just feel like I am settling.  I’m not sure why I feel this way, but I know that even after I “run” on the elliptical machine I wish I could actually go run somewhere.  But as I allow my ankle time to heal, I guess I’ll just settle. 
 We do that in life don’t we? We settle for things that we shouldn’t settle for.  Again Jesus said that He wants us to have “abundant life” so why do we settle?  We settle for things that really don’t bring us lasting joy or peace or hope.  In short we settle for the things of the world, when God so willingly offers us the things of the Kingdom. 
 Yet time and time and time again we as people settle for sin.  If you don’t believe it look at the nation of Israel in the Old Testament.  They would be close to God for awhile and then they would begin to settle for the things of the world and fall into sin. Then things would go wrong, they would run to God for a little while and then the lure of sin would pull them back in again (Can you say roller coaster ride?).
 We are a lot like that as well aren’t we? We settle for the things of the world.  For spending time doing things that don’t benefit us at all.  For spending money as the Bible says, “on things that don’t satisfy”.  In short we waste a lot of our time, our resources, and our lives by settling. 
 And yet God says to us today, “you don’t have to settle”.  Let me give you abundant life, let me be your hope, your peace, your joy.  Quit settling for the things of the world, God says, and just simply trust me. 
 How are you settling? Ask God to show you, then simply repent (ask Him to forgive you and help you to turn away from those things that you settle for), and God will honor that and put you back on the right path and teach you how to have life “and have it to the fullest.”
 Keep running with Jesus and quit settling.