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Training for the Race of Life....Day 73 (Winter Storm Warning)

Training for the Race of Life…..Day 73 (Winter Storm Warning)
 As I went to bed last night the talk was of an impending winter storm.  In fact we were under a winter storm warning for heavy snow all day on Wednesday.  The forecast models were all over the place, some predicting as much as 15 inches while others were saying just an inch.  The temperature was going to be about 40 when the precipitation started to fall so it would all depend on how quickly the temperature fell as to how much snow we were going to get.
 I decided that since this weather event was coming I was going to stay in and study for the weekend, and spend some time with the kids, something I hadn’t been able to do a lot of recently.  I also decided to altar my running schedule for the week since the storm was coming.
 But the storm never came.  It snowed, and in fact it snowed hard for about 2 hours, but it just simply didn’t accumulate because of the warm temperatures.  Many people shouted for joy because the snow had “missed us”, while other wept because the snow had “missed us”.  It was all a matter of perspective.  If you were a teacher (or at least most teachers) or a snow lover you were sad.  Most other people were happy. 
 I admit I am a snow lover (even though it sometimes makes running difficult).  Why am I a snow lover? Most likely because growing up when it snowed my dad (who was a teacher) was home and that was nice.  Many times if the snow was deep enough my mom also got to stay home, which was also good.  Now if it snows my wife gets to stay home (she is a teacher as well), as does my son.  So for me snow has always meant more family time.
 For many people however snow means depressing gray skies, difficult driving conditions, shoveling driveways, and things like that.  One person loves it, one person hates it.  it’s a matter of perspective.  And if the truth is known one perspective isn’t better than another, when it comes to snow.
 In life however we need to live with Jesus’ perspective.  What do I mean by that? I mean we need to live life His way, and we need to see life through His eyes.  We need to live life loving God and loving others (again that is what Jesus said was important) because that is how Jesus lived His life.  And we need to live focused on the Kingdom of God.  In fact God’s word says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will take care of itself.”  Our perspective in life needs to be God focused, squarely dialed in on His kingdom and His purpose for our lives.  Loving God and loving others, no matter what. 
 If we do that we will be living the right way.  How do I know that? Because that is Jesus’ way and He is the way, the truth, and the life.  We must live from His perspective if the sun is shining, or the snow is coming down fast and furious, or even if it is raining.  We must live from His perspective when everything goes as planned or even when we have to alter things a bit.  In all things God’s perspective is always right and in all things we should live “glorifying Him.”
 So keep living for Jesus and keep running with Him (if the snow isn’t too deep to keep you from running.)