June 2019   
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Training for the Race of Life.....Day 7


Training for the Race of Life …….Day 7
Rest - Today was a rest day.  Or at least I should say a day of rest and recovery from running.  I put in around 27 miles last week, so I definitely needed this day.  The Bible tells us that we are supposed to take a Sabbath, that we need a day of rest and I believe this with my whole heart.  In fact I think it is God once again extending His grace to us by telling us that we do need a day to refresh and recover, that we do need a day of rest.  And as with all of God’s commandments if we will follow them we will be blessed. 
Unfortunately the day of rest turned into a day of stress, as our 2 year old son Isaac once again had a seizure brought on by a quick spike in his fever.  Thankfully this time he was at the doctor getting checked out when he occurred.  Actually he was on his way out of the doctor’s office when it happened, but my wife rushed him back in and the doctor was able to observe a good part of the seizure.
 I was leaving worship when my wife called me and gave me the news.  I was heartbroken and scared, and I just wanted to get to her and him.  She later told me when she left the house that morning on the way to the doctor she had prayed very specifically that God would go before her to the doctor’s office.  He did just that.  My dad had also been sick so that morning when he got up he went to the clinic to get checked out as well.  My wife didn’t even know he was there, but on her way out of the office, she heard someone knocking on a window as she walked by, she looked and it was my dad.  At that moment, Isaac’s head dropped and the seizure began.  God’s timing amazes me, she prayed a very specific prayer, God answered it and she didn’t have to be alone (or even worse driving) while the seizure occurred.  What an awesome God we serve.
 I didn’t get a lot of rest yesterday.  Ultimately Isaac was admitted to the hospital for observation for a little while (they were going to keep him overnight but ended up discharging us around 6 pm, which was great).  And even though I didn’t get a lot of rest (my wife certainly got less than I did), I got something even far more valuable, another reminder of the faithfulness of the God that we serve.  An ultimately that is one of the things that we are supposed to do during our times of rest, we are supposed to focus on God, and be reminded of His amazingness (probably not a word), His awesomeness, and His faithfulness.  As the psalmist says, “Praise the Lord for He is Good, His mercy endures forever.”