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9AM Contemporary Service
Contemporary Service with our Praise band leading the worship, and message delivered by pastor or guset speaker
10AM Sunday School
Sunday School Classes for all ages, using Lifeway resources and others in a small class learning setting, where questions and discussions are welcomed.
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11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Our Blended Worship Service with special music from our Praise Band, Choir, and individuals. Our pastor or special speaker brings a message using the greatest instruction book available.
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Training for the Race of Life......Day 92 (Beauty)

Training for the Race of Life……..Day 92 (Beauty)
 Today was an absolutely beautiful February Day, so I seized the opportunity and headed out to get a run in during the evening.  I was able to get in around 7 miles with some walking, and it was absolutely wonderful to be outside and to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.  I am a snow lover, but of course there was no snow today, instead today felt like Spring, and in all reality I think spring is a beautiful season as well.  But in all reality all of the seasons are beautiful aren’t they? They are different, but they are beautiful.  From the new flowers coming into bloom to the fiery sun rising high in the sky to the leaves turning their crisp colors to the purity of the snowflake, all of God’s seasons are beautiful.  Why? Because He created them, and He is beautiful.
 We have been studying the attributes of God on Sunday nights at our church.  We’ve talked about His power, His knowledge, His wisdom, His sovereignty, His love, His justice, and all of those things, and certainly we see the beautiful of God on display in all of those characteristics.  His wisdom is beautiful, His love His beautiful, His power is beautiful (if you don’t believe that look into His creation that we call nature, or into His creation in the form of the eyes of someone that we love).  I could go on and on, our God is beautiful!
 Why did He create such a beautiful world? The psalmist says in Psalm 19, “the heavens declare the glory of God.”  God created and fashioned all of creation (you and I included) to show forth His love and to declare His glory.  In other words we are to point people towards Him and toward His great beauty that is on display in His great love.  A love that was (and is) so great and awesome that it led Jesus to the cross to die for you and for me.  The Bible puts it this way, “greater love has no man than this, than He lay down His life for His friends.”  Love is a beautiful thing, God’s love then is even more beautiful than we could ever imagine. 
 So as you run (or walk, or whatever) make worship a priority, thank God for His creation, for His love and for His beauty.  And keep running with Jesus.