Training for the Race of Life......Day 96 through 98 (Philippians 4:13)

Training for the Race of Life……Days 96 through 98

            Friday I did a little bit of running and walking, nothing major but just enough to make sure I didn’t stiffen up after yesterdays long run, and hopefully just enough to help stimulate some recovery and healing.  When I used to lift weights I would get sore, but the soreness that you feel after running for hours and hours is somewhat different.  Not as intense but maybe a little deeper into the muscle tissue, if that makes any sense.

            Saturday was a day with a little more running and a little more soreness as well.  I was able to log a few miles because they say that your total weekly mileage should go up as the big race approaches.  I hesitate to call it a race because I won’t be trying to beat anyone but I guess I am racing against my own limits and in some ways against myself.

            Of course Sunday was another wonderful day of worship at church, and generally on those days of worship it affords me some time for rest and reflection.  And today I was struck by the fact that the time is drawing near, in just 6 short weeks this marathon will be over, and hopefully and prayerfully I will have finished. 

            I know when Paul says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” he wasn’t necessarily talking about running a marathon but I know that if I am going to complete the training and ultimately the 26.2 miles I will have to have His strength.  In and of myself there is no way that I can do this.  And yet with the strength of Christ, and being surrounded by His creation, and with His songs in my heart, and the family that He has blessed me with waiting for me at the finish line I anticipate finishing the course.  And when I do I will know that it is through Him that I did.  God is so good and we should take time to be thankful for all of the things that He enables us to enjoy.  So keep running with Jesus, keep running with joy, and keep your eyes on the prize.