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Training for the Race of Life.....Days 59 and 60 (Fuel)

Training for the Race of Life…..Day 59 and 60
 I was finally able to get back to some sort of normal routine today.  Bible study, visitation, and a run at lunch time.  A lot of times when I run during lunch there’s not time for a lot of food afterwards, so I’ll have a protein shake or some kind of energy bar.  Today it was a rushed protein shake as I headed out to 3 different hospitals.  While on the road I had to stop for fuel.  Fuel is important isn’t it?  In fact if I would have kept driving I would have ran out of fuel. 
 The same thing is true during the day, if we don’t take time to fuel up (even if it’s a protein shake or an energy bar) pretty soon our energy is gone and we quickly wind down.  I was cautioned a few weeks ago by a friend of mine: during your long runs make sure that you take in some kind of fuel (he recommended the gels that you take with water) because if you don’t you will crash after about 90 minutes.  Trust me he said, I learned the hard way. 
 Fuel is important and choosing the right kind of fuel is equally important as well.  I’ve been trying to eat more green things this year (salads, broccoli,…..) and when I do guess what? I feel better.  The other morning I got up and weighed and weighed less than I had in almost 18 years, I decided to celebrate.  So I went and got fried chicken, French fries and a dozen doughnuts.  (I didn’t eat the whole dozen that day but I did have about 3 or maybe 4).  Guess what? I felt terrible.  When I eat good, I feel good.  When I eat lousy I feel lousy.  Pretty simple stuff right? A whole lot like the old adage that says “you are what you eat.”  I guess if that were true I’d be a chicken holding a doughnut right now.  Perhaps we should change it to say, “you feel how you eat.”  Because in a lot of ways that’s true.  Fuel and the right kind of fuel is important isn’t it?
 That is true of our spiritual lives as well isn’t it? (I hesitate to use the term spiritual lives because that sounds like it’s a separate part from our physical lives, or our work lives, or our mental lives, or our emotional lives, or whatever.  In reality however they are all joined together and we should let the spiritual part invade every other part of our lives, so that we really are the people that God called us and saved us to be)  Anyway the fuel that we put into our lives matters doesn’t it? And I’m not talking about the food we eat, but the things that we put into our minds and our hearts.  The things that we see and hear and even think about.  Those things matter.  In fact Paul says, “whatever things are pure or holy or lovely or praiseworthy think about such things.”  In other words we need to watch what kind of things that we put in  our lives.
 In fact I would take that a step further and say that we need to make sure that we are fueling and feasting on the word of God each and everyday.  That we are dwelling and focusing on the one who is “the Living Water” and “the Bread of Life.”  And of course His name is Jesus.  He is what we need to center our lives on.  He is the fuel we need.  The psalmist put it this way, “as the deer pants for streams of water o Lord, so my soul longs for you.”  We need to desire Jesus, focus on Jesus, feast on Him and His word, and then we can live life the way we were meant to live it.  Then we can be the people that God created us to be.  Then we can live life to the fullest as Jesus says in John 10:10. 
 One of my favorite quotes says, “all men die, but not all men truly live.”  The way for us to truly live is to focus on Jesus and feast on His word and on the things of God. 
 So keep running with Jesus, keep focusing on Him and feasting on His word.  Let Him be the fuel that drives you.