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Training for the Race of Life.....Days 79 and 80 (Being Prepared)

Training for the Race of Life…..Days 79 and 80
 Yesterday I rested and didn’t run at all because I had so many things to get done and because I knew what was coming later in the week, so I decided that I needed to try to get my strength up to face that challenge.  What was coming later in the week? A long run, longer than I had ever ran before, 15 miles.  I knew that if I could get a 15 mile run in this week and an 18 mile run in next week I would be well on my way to being ready for the marathon.
 Of course most of my runs lately have been on a treadmill because of the weather conditions and also because I haven’t been able to run until the evening most of the time.  But I still felt if I could get these 2 runs in over the next 2 weeks that I would be on schedule. 
 So Tuesday I didn’t run at all, but Wednesday before church I was able to get in some miles just to loosen up and get ready for tomorrow.  It pays to be ready doesn’t it?  To be ready for your runs, to be ready for whatever happens in life, to be ready for the next life.  So how do we get ready?
 When it comes to running I do a lot of planning and a lot of thinking.  When can I run, where can I run, how fast am I going to try to go and all of that.  When it comes to life though how do we get ready for whatever comes in life?  The Bible gives us the answers to that.  We wait upon the Lord (as Isaiah says in Isaiah 40), and we trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6).  And we do as Jesus said in Matthew 6, “we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”, and then everything else takes care of itself.  There are some out there who will tell us that if we just follow Jesus and have enough faith that life will be smooth sailing.  That is extremely misleading and unBiblical.  Jesus faced trouble, the disciples faced trouble, the saints of God throughout the ages have faced trouble and Jesus even told us that we would face trouble (John 16).  Life is not always going to be a bed of roses, so how can we make sure that we are prepared for whatever happens? We seek the Lord, we wait on the Lord and we trust the Lord.  It’s as simple as that.  Preparation is key.
 So how can we make sure we are prepared for the end of this life and the next life? Again it goes back to trusting in God and having a relationship with Him.  The Bible says that “without holiness no one can see the Lord.” But it also reminds us that none of us are holy, we cannot be righteous on our own.  So how do we become righteous or holy and thus prepared for the next life? Through repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus to cleanse us from those sins.  Then we are clean, then we are prepared, then we are ready.  It is a trust, a repentance, a cleansing, a relationship.  But again preparation is key.
 So be prepared.  Prepared to run, prepared for life, and prepared for the life to come.  Keep running with Jesus everyday.