What You Were Made For
Ephesians 4:7 -"But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ's gift. " This morning I decided to give the Coffee from yesterday a second chance, as I opened the bag I was greeted by that same amazing smell. I smiled and thought something good has to come from this.  Yesterday I made espresso with this supposedly amazing coffee that is shade grown high up on a mountain in Cameroon,  Africa.  It was disappointing to say the least.  Today I said let's do something different,  let's make just a regular cup of coffee.  So I ground the beans, put them in the French press, poured in the water and waited.  4 minutes later I found out it was definitely worth the wait.  It was terrific. What a change from yesterday. Most of the time the pressure that is used to make an espresso really brings out the flavor of the bean,  in some cases however a bean actually shows more of its flavor in the  processes of just making a normal cup of coffee.   This is true especially with the French Press method (if you haven't tried it,  seriously you need to). These beans were not made for espresso,  they were made for just regular coffee,  even though the taste is anything but regular.  In reality it's spectacular.   It certainly wasn't an an espresso but it is as coffee.  It just had to be used for what it was made for. Reread that last sentence but this time don't think of it in a coffee context, think of it in relation to your life.   Your life will truly only be good when it finds what it was made for.  And what is it made for? Simply put a relationship with God and the privilege of glorifying Him.   Paul tells the church at Corinth, "whatever you do in word or deed,  do it all for the glory of God."  You were made for God and for glorifying Him,  anything else might look good but will only lead to disappointment.   Just like yesterday's espresso. Beyond that God has uniquely blessed you with very specific gifts,  talents,  and abilities.   Once you discover what these are you will find satisfaction in life.  A satisfaction that is deeper and richer than anything the world can offer. A satisfaction even beyond today's cup of coffee (as good as it was). You will find satisfaction and joy as you use those gifts,  talents and abilities to glorify God. After all  its what He created you for.  So may we find our satisfaction in knowing Him and serving Him.   In doing what we were created to do, always remembering the truth that "God is most glorified in us as we are most satisfied in Him. " To God be the glory.